Window Repairs

Window Repair CompanyWhat’s the one material that we see more commonly in this day and age than any other? It’s not brick, nor is it wood. Believe it or not, the most commonly produced material in the world is actually glass. This often stunning resource is used for a variety of things; from decorations and ornamentation, to windows, doors and even furniture.

At Glass Express we specialise in the repair, maintenance, installation and replacement of windows in all shapes and forms – and as we focus on windows in particular, we’re quickly becoming known as one of the most effective glass repair services in Melbourne.

What do we offer exactly?

If you’re looking for a team of professional chefs to cook you a meal, deliver it to your home and lay it on the table, you’re in the wrong place!

We specialise in window repair projects in specific, but that’s just one of the extensive services that we have to offer. We also provide replacement services should your window ever suffer with irreparable damage, as well as maintenance features if you ever spot an issue, or simply want us to evaluate the condition of your glass.

Our glass repairing services

Did you know that unless glass shatters into a million pieces, the chances are that it can be repaired? You didn’t? Okay, in that case please allow us to tell you all about our extensive repair services.

Not only do we make use of some of the most effective industrial-grade resins and adhesives, we can also use them to repair glass of all shapes and sizes.

Where your windows are concerned, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise from time to time. Cracks and splits can occur if your frames are exposed to excessive pressure. Chips can happen if your window pane experiences an impact from a stray stone or a confused bird. Warping can occur if your glass is exposed to high amounts of heat and it’s also not unheard of for double glazing to ‘blow’ from within, resulting in a faded, dull appearance.

Fortunately for you, the above incidents can be rectified with the right care and attention, and that’s exactly what our team of experts specialise in.

When it comes to window repairing tasks, a gentle hand can spell the difference between success and failure; but attention to detail will only go so far. Without the right tools, resources and facilities even the best repair efforts can fall a little short of the mark – and that’s why at Glass Express, we’ve made a point of sourcing the best utilities that the industry has available.

Why choose us?

If you’re looking for a team of angry, rude and ignorant individuals that couldn’t care less about your day, then please search elsewhere. Our experts are friendly, polite and courteous at all times and it’s this willingness to help that has allowed us to develop the reputation that we are so proud to possess.

We genuinely care about you and your requirements, from your budget to your schedule, and when hiring our team of glass experts you can rest assured that you are in great hands. We’ll seal chips and cracks with advanced resin, take care of the polishing and then return your damaged windows to full functionality in next to no time, so what have you got to lose?

To learn more about our team, to find out about our prices, or to hire our expert glaziers why not get in touch with us today? We offer a repair service that you can trust and as we’re relied on by so many home owners in and around Eastern Melbourne, you’ll soon see why we’ve become so popular once we’ve taken care of your project!